Happily Ever After

  • Russia
  • Variety
  • 2019
  • 38mins x 14eps
  • HD
  • Romance
  • Urban
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A young bright couple has a thirst for adventures. Every day they create the most extraordinary surprises to each other, but the difference is the price. One gets an unlimited amount of money, while another one has a modest budget. With a help of special device we check the level of happiness after each date. These fascinating dates are not just the challenges for them, but mostly the way to understand how to get the time of your life and burst with joy without considering the amount of money.

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Я твое счастье
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Mister X


2022 | 90mins x 9eps

Thirty women come to a show to compete for the heart of a crypto-millionaire. One thing they don’t know - he’s an ordinary guy who pretends to be a rich bachelor. The secret is revealed at the end of the project. Who will stay with Mr. X and choose love over money?



2022 | 30mins x 4eps

Following your crush on social media, but have no idea how to meet up? Two bloggers help a shy participant to fulfill his dream and meet a popular beloved person. The hosts will come up with two unusual date ideas. In the first option, the participant pretends to be someone else: a rich foreigner, a celebrity, etc. The second option includes just being yourself and using charisma. Whatever option is chosen, a participant has to confess to the crush that the date was staged. Will the crush appreciate the efforts and agree to a second date?



2021 | 60mins x 33eps

Celebrity intuition versus children’s talents! A game show in which a team of celebrities will play against a team of children and try to guess what unique talents each child possesses. Celebrities receive money for each correct answer, and for each incorrect answer - the cash prize goes to the wunderkinds. The celebrities transfer their cash prizes to the charity foundation for helping children and youths.

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