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  • Yong An Dream
    Yong An Dream

    The Marquis Yun Yang was deposed by the Emperor and his family ended up in dire straits overnight. The youngeset lady of the Shen Family, Shen Zhen, found herself abandoned. The heir to the Grand Duchy , Lu Shiyan, witnessed Shen Zhen being harassed by the leading class, which reminded him of a dream revealing to him a past with her and the sultry love affair they had shared in a previous life.In order to save Shen Zhen, Lu Shiyan was pulled into the darkest corners of Chang'an and take part in games of power...

  • The Dolls The Телки
    The Dolls The Телки

    The main character is a CEO of a PR agency. He owes his success and luxurious life to women. He can seduce almost anyone. He is charismatic, courteous, and cynically uses it. He is ruthless and does not think about how many lives he ruined on his way. He does not care. A multi-million dollar deal promises to become the icing on the cake of his career. His victory is guaranteed in advance. However, no one knows how much dirt is behind this success, and in the coming days, he will be covered in it.

  • Ballet Балет
    Ballet Балет

    In the past, the Soviet prima ballerina, and now a world-famous choreographer Ruta Meyers returns to her homeland after almost 40 years. She plans to stage a performance for the most renowned ballet theater of the country. Ruta is forced to re-build relationships with friends and enemies, who have gained power in Russian ballet industry, but most importantly - with the theater's artistic director Andrey Pronin and his family. Once they were a couple, and now old feelings flare up with renewed strength. Big money, ambitions, careers are at stake - Ruta, despite all her efforts, finds herself at the epicenter of passions and intrigues that are very far from art.

  • All for Free
    All for Free

    A project about alternative “non-touristic” traveling. A lack of money never stops those for whom there are no borders! Every week, the hosts go to one of the most famous and expensive tourist spots (Paris, London, Miami, Tokyo, Barcelona, Beijing, Singapore, Stockholm and many more ). Their main goal is to explore the city and save money without losing the quality of service and fun.

  • Happily Ever After
    Happily Ever After

    A young bright couple has a thirst for adventures. Every day they create the most extraordinary surprises to each other, but the difference is the price. One gets an unlimited amount of money, while another one has a modest budget. With a help of special device we check the level of happiness after each date. These fascinating dates are not just the challenges for them, but mostly the way to understand how to get the time of your life and burst with joy without considering the amount of money.

  • Tourist Police
    Tourist Police

    Lera,a tourist police officer, dreams of investigating serious cases and dangerous crimes. It happens rarely in her department, same as a good mood of her manager and quick wit of her colleagues. Will can she remain in the service and protect the piece of city guests after getting in with a thief and swindler?

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