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  • General Well
    General Well

    In a top-secret assassination mission, the lives of the just heroine Dawn and the cunning commander Yan Changyun, who were originally unrelated, were intertwined. With one slip of the sword, Dawn failed her mission and transformed into a forgetful bunny rabbit, inadvertently dragged into his elaborate revenge plan. Together, they navigated the treacherous court politics and the perilous world of the martial arts community, step by step. The long-buried injustice was finally revealed, and the descendants of the loyal and virtuous were vindicated. After all the dust had settled, the two of them, unattached to power and fame, chose to retire to the countryside as a pair of fairy-tale lovers, spending the rest of their lives together.

  • Best Choice Ever
    Best Choice Ever

    Mai Chenghuan, who comes from an ordinary family in Shanghai, was urged by her mother, Mrs. Liu, to discuss marriage with her boyfriend Xin Jialiang. However, the favorable economic conditions of the Xin family made this originally equal relationship unbalanced. At the same time, Mrs. Liu’s excessive interference in her daughter's lifelong affairs accelerated the breakup between Mai Chenghuan and Xin Jialiang. Torn between filial piety to her parents and loyalty to herself, Mai Chenghuan struggled to find a way out. She gradually broke free from her mother's strong love and focused more on her work. Mai Chenghuan's transformation was recognized by her step grandmother, who entrusted her with the most important task of hotel management. Yao Zhiming, the step grandmother's biological grandson and professional hotel manager, gradually understood and recognized Mai Chenghuan through their cooperation, and the two became work partners, working hand in hand. In daily life, Yao Zhiming is surrounded by the true emotions of the Mai family, and his relationship with Mai Chenghuan gradually heats up. From "living under her mother's influence" to "achieving oneself," Mai Chenghuan has embarked on an extraordinary path of growth that is unique to herself.

  • Snowy Night·Timeless Love
    Snowy Night·Timeless Love

    This is a story about "the deepest love in life, yet unable to stand time". The rebellious swordsman Huo Zhanbai sought medicine for a friend's son and met the Herbalist Valley Master Xue Ziye. Over eight years of getting along with each other, the two gradually deepened their affection and understanding towards each other, from having their own obsessions to mutual redemption, and agreed to drink together under the plum tree the following year. However, due to their respective responsibilities, they could not express their love to each other, and finally only left the regret of being separated forever. The joy of drinking together in the snowy wind and the farewell of thousands of miles away, a heart-wrenching miss, a love destined to be departed, depicts an extremely tragic love story of redemption and letting go.

  • Flourished Peony
    Flourished Peony

    Set in the Tang Dynasty, it tells the legendary and inspirational story of a woman who cultivated peonies and eventually helped the people of the world. He Wei Fang, the daughter of a merchant with the help of Jiang Chang Yang, an official in Chang'an, divorced from a marriage where only benefits were exchanged and fight for her own destiny by cultivating peonies with a group of illfated women in Jingcheng. By the mutual support, the two people gradually developed a secret love. After a near-death experience, the two worked together to put down a rebellion, and both retreated into the world of heaven and earth.

  • Chang Le Qu
    Chang Le Qu

    This is a dynasty where men and women are equal. Women can dress in men's clothing, take exams to become officials, and even become emperors. In such an open and inclusive society, being a woman is still not an easy task. Yan Xing, the lowest-ranking clerk in the Ministry of Punishment, went to extreme lengths to join the front line of investigating crimes.Yan Xing always believed in herself, and never gave up on any opportunity to investigate the case. Even if she became the wife of Bai Yanwang, the chief minister of the Imperial Guard by strange mistake. Even if she was told to have only three months to live. As the cases get solved one by one, all the clues point to the same figure behind the scenes. Different parties both inside and outside the court rose to the scene. And Yan Xing, a small ninth-level scholar, turned out to be the key to changing the situation of the court.

  • Yong An Dream
    Yong An Dream

    The Marquis Yun Yang was deposed by the Emperor and his family ended up in dire straits overnight. The youngeset lady of the Shen Family, Shen Zhen, found herself abandoned. The heir to the Grand Duchy , Lu Shiyan, witnessed Shen Zhen being harassed by the leading class, which reminded him of a dream revealing to him a past with her and the sultry love affair they had shared in a previous life.In order to save Shen Zhen, Lu Shiyan was pulled into the darkest corners of Chang'an and take part in games of power...

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