C-dramaRights- The Global One-Stop Content Marketplace for Chinese Film and TV Rights

What is C-dramaRights?

C-dramaRights is a global leading B2B digital Film and TV marketplace, where showcases massive Chinese content to global community of buyers 24/7, and providing the best one-stop online service experience for global clients.


Buyers can go from content discovery to deal in days, as well as getting the latest news & trend of markets in time. Meanwhile, negotiations and transactions are easily achievable online, which facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers.


C-dramarights is invested and founded by The National Cultural Export Base-China (Zhejiang) International Cooperation Zone For Film and Television Industry. As an important base for the international development of Chinese film and television industry, the Cooperation Zone has achieved:

Rank#1 production of film and TV series, Rank #1 views of prime time TV series in China, Rank#1 views of popular drama on VOD platforms in China, and Rank#1 exportation of film and TV dramas in China.

Meanwhile, it has the largest film and TV copyright library in China, which can support C-dramaRights with massive content and right holder resource.

Why C-dramaRights?

In the era of digital technology, we set up an online content marketplace that links content buyers and distributors of film and television rights, reduces the project resources decentralization, breaks through the geographical and language restrictions, to maximize transaction safety and completion rate, radically reduce the consumption of time and manpower cost from buyers.At the same time, we are gathering a group of producers, distributors and digital technology experts who are passionate about the film and television industry, from story creation to broadcasting, insight into film production, distribution, digital marketing and technological innovation.  Through them, we have the opportunity for high-quality Chinese content to be discovered by global buyers and finally carry out a border-less one-stop online content marketplace.

China (Zhejiang) International Cooperation Zone For Film And TV Industry

C-dramaRights is founded by China(Zhejiang) International Cooperation Zone For Film & TV Industry. The International Cooperation Zone has hosted various international film and TV festivals, exhibitions and forums, including International Emmy Awards, “Innovation”China-U.S Film Forum, China Arab Radio and Television Forum and etc, which facilitates the high-quality development of Chinese film and television industry in global markets. As The First Highland of China’s Film&TV Cultural Export, the international Cooperation Zone strives to build C-dramaRights, a comprehensive film and television copyright transaction platform supported by cutting-edge platform technology, and optimizes film & television industry resources, service provider resources, technical resources and copyright chain industry resources. So as to improve the value chain of film and television industry and achieve a rapid development of global film and television copyright trade.

Huace Film and Television

Huace Group is an official industry partner of C-dramaRights and one of the largest content providers. Huace Group has ranked #1 in China annual output, total network views, market share and overseas export. Huace Group’s overseas distribution business covers more than 180 countries and regions in the world. At present, Huace Group has established C-drama channels with new media platforms in more than 10 countries and regions such as Netflix, YouTube, Dailymotion, Viki VOD and Summil, reaching the audiences from more than 30 countries and regions.

China Transpirit Language Services Co.

China Transpirit Language Services Co., Ltd is a leading service provider of multi-lingual translation, which has forged strategic partnerships with well-known content providers and platforms around the world like Netflix, IQIYI, WeTV, Bilibili, Viki. With the supporting of China Transpirit Language Services Co., Ltd, C-dramaRights owns a professional translation team to handle the business with over 20 languages, including English, Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Thai etc. Also, our services cover dubbing, post-production and content localization in the world, especially audiovisual translation like TV series, films, documentaries, cartoons, variety shows and etc.

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