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Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (Filmart) 2024

11 March -14 March 2024

Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

A Love So Beautiful
Romance Comedy Youth School
2017 | 24 Eps×45 Mins

A story of how the relationship of Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen changes in 19 years, from breaking up as childhood sweethearts to encountering again as strangers a few years later.

The Blue Whisper
Xuanhuan Xianxia Torture Demon Merman Interspecies Romance Misunderstanding Strong Female Lead Adapted From A Novel Demon/Monster Hunting
2022 | 42 Eps×45 Mins

Talented demon master Ji Yunhe was given an oder to train merman Changyi, but in the end keeping company with the merman has Yunhe becoming closer to him.After going through all kinds of hardships, Changyi becomes a respected master, but he never forgets Ji Yunhe. Changyi bravely fights against the brutal powers and saves Yunhe and other innocents out of the hell.

Love Under the Floral Rain
Historical Comedy Romance Web series
2023 | 40 Eps×45 Mins

Hua Zhuyu was originally the only daughter of General Hua Mu. During her childhood, she accidentally saved endangered Feng Junli. Years later, Hua’s family was unjustly accused, she endured disgrace and managed to survive first in the palace. By chance, Hua meets Feng Junli again, they overcome difficulties and encountered in the future.

The Long Ballad
Friends To Lovers Character Development Strong Female Lead Betrayal Hidden Identity Slow Burn Romance
2021 | 49 Eps×45 Mins

In the 9th year of Wude Period of Tang Dynasty, Li Changge, the daughter of the former crown prince,decided to hide her true identity. Along the way through her revenge, she also grew up and achieve her life goals.

Don’t Disturb My Study
Coming Of Age Single Mother Trauma High School Strong Female Lead
2021 | 24 Eps×45 Mins

In 2020, at the age of 28, Nan Xiang Wan, the human resource director of a world-renowned company that on the surface looks like a powerful and self-confident person, is a patient full of anxiety that suffered of academic discrimination. A high-tech psychotherapy brings Nan Xiang Wan’s memories back to 10 years before, allowing her to review her senior year in high school and face Class 7 which she was incompatible with. In order to re-enter Guanghua University, Nan Xiang Wan has to solve one problem after another, such as the classmates who kept disturbing her study and the unbearable memories of high school. During this process, Nan Xiang Wan gradually becomes friends with sports student Lin Xiao Ran, and the two grow up during battles of wits and courage with each other.

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