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Hua Zhuyu was originally the only daughter of General Hua Mu. During her childhood, she accidentally saved endangered Feng Junli. Years later, Hua’s family was unjustly accused, she endured disgrace and managed to survive first in the palace. By chance, Hua meets Feng Junli again, they overcome difficulties and encountered in the future.
Love Under the Floral Rain
2023 | 40 Eps×45 Mins Chen Yao Liang Jingkang
Sun Kaikai Zhang Mingguo
Talented demon master Ji Yunhe was given an oder to train merman Changyi, but in the end keeping company with the merman has Yunhe becoming closer to him.After going through all kinds of hardships, Changyi becomes a respected master, but he never forgets Ji Yunhe. Changyi bravely fights against the brutal powers and saves Yunhe and other innocents out of the hell.
Painting Jianghu
0 | 36 Eps×10 Mins Li Jian Cao Saiya
Tong Hui Wang Feng
It tells the story of the record treasure buried place of the “Shi Wei Tu” quietly appeared in the world, various forces to compete for the treasure of their own abilities, resulting in constant turbulence.Right now, detective Su Chengxi, the hunter of Lin An Mansion, the owner of Qian Ji Pavalion – Yue Xiaoqiao form an alliance, track down the real murderer, safeguard peace, safeguard the story of justice.
0 | 20 Eps×10 Mins Chen Junyu Li Peiyang
Liu Qijia
Virtuous painter Shiqi is forced to exchange her face with the daughter of prime minister Shen Qin, and marry into the general mansion for her. Accidently Shiqi encounters Xiao Hansheng, who is her ex-lover instead, although right now she is wearing the face of others, the chemistry between the two people cannot withstand deepening…… On the other side, Shen Qin would rather abandon her beautiful appearance to guard only with the love of Emperor Ning, but gradually the reality toward of unexpected……
A Familiar Stranger
2022 | 8 Eps×30 Mins Ke Ying Cheng Lei Song Zhaoyi
Zeng Qingjie
Ye Xi, who is kind-hearted and aspires to be a heroine, started her adventure and determined to curb the violent and assist the weak.After being betrayed and set-up by the man she trusted, she saved by Dr. Bai Yue and slowly become friend.With Bai’s assistance, Ye eliminated the scoundrels who framed her and caused trouble and became a true heroine. Bai Yue also saved many bewitched people in Wu Lin with great medical skills and kindness. Justice and chivalry in Wu Lin has returne
Wulin Has Pride
2023 | Approx. 24 Eps×45 Mins Li Hongyi Huang Riying Zhu Zanjin Qi Peixin Zhang Xinyan
Zhu Dongning
Completely different families have been deceived and bought the same house – now they have to get along! The family of a former military man that has his own rules under any circumstances; a modern hipster family whose marriage is falling apart; an aging actress with a young lover; a lady who has been dumped by her “sugar daddy” and a crazy old man living in the attic. They will learn to accept each other, which in the end will make them better.
Mad House
2023 | 24 mins x 21eps Roman Kurtsyn Alyona Yakovleva Denis Kosyakov Anna Kotova Polina Aynutdinova Alexei Maklakov Elena Simonova Vlad Feldman Rodion Tolokonnikov Dmitriy Lysenkoviy
Evgeny Puzyrevsky
Lin Xi who's known as the "witch" in the translation industry reunites with ex-boyfriend Xia Yicheng. Eight years ago, she broke up with him for the sake of fulfilling her mother's wish for her to become a professional interpreter for the United Nations. Eight years later, Lin Xi has become the youngest chief interpreter at Huasheng while her ex Xiao Yicheng has become the chief technology officer of a communications company, which also makes him her potential client. In order to land a contract with Xiao Yicheng, Lin Xi has no choice but to keep dealing with him. She helps his company go public and even though it seems that Xiao Yicheng is out to get revenge on Lin Xi, he actually doesn't have the heart to be mean to her. Work rekindles their passionate relationship and Xiao Yicheng gradually comes to understand that reason she broke up with him. Together, they work hard to realize their dream of "speaking for the country".
Our Interpreter
0 | approx. 36 mins x 45eps Song Qian Chen Xingxu
Zhang Tong
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