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Hua Zhuyu was originally the only daughter of General Hua Mu. During her childhood, she accidentally saved endangered Feng Junli. Years later, Hua’s family was unjustly accused, she endured disgrace and managed to survive first in the palace. By chance, Hua meets Feng Junli again, they overcome difficulties and encountered in the future.
Love Under the Floral Rain
2023 | 40 Eps×45 Mins Chen Yao Liang Jingkang
Sun Kaikai Zhang Mingguo
Jiang Jun is a girl who is allergic to tears and has a double degree in economics and psychology. She is unrestrained and idealistic due to her family’s superior background. After graduation, she worked in a philanthropy organization where she pursues her dreams. However, her father’s sudden accident leaves her in a dilemma. Eventually, she decides to work in a top investment company to fulfill her father’s dying wish.
Love Is Sweet
2020 | 36 Eps×45 Mins Luo Yunxi Bai Lu
Yu Chungchung Wu Jian Xin
On the eve of graduation, Wang Yang Ming, who took reversing heart failure as his mission, had a disagreement with his supervisor in medical experiments, and resolutely decided to switch from scientific research to clinical practice, and successfully joined the emergency department of Ruiren Hospital, which ranked first in the country. Wang Yang Ming's competitive instinct was aroused by his busy life in the emergency department, when he took risks to deal with ventricular fibrillation in the elderly, rescued heat stroke migrant workers, treated stroke patients, and so on, constantly refined his medical skills. At the same time , on the ward formed group named "four masters of emergency medicine" , which Yang's Ming is a part, alongside with Lu Qing Qi, Zu Wen Da and Liu Fei. Now four of them, witness each other's growth and change, gain friendship and love, and experience dispersion and separation on their ward.
The White Castle
2023 | 40 Eps × 45 Mins Peng Guanying Tu Songyan Gai Yuexi
Yang Wenjun
A devastating earthquake has occurred in Xichuan. Lawyer Luo Ben has gone to the disaster-stricken area to look for his younger sister Luo Yuan. It’s there that he comes into contact with the rescue unit under the leadership of Captain Qing Shan. Luo Ben also encounters Zhan Yan with whom he’s had bad blood with in the past. However, he soon changes his mind about her as he comes to admire her selflessness and brilliance as a doctor. Luo Ben bears witness to the people’s sense of camaraderie in the face of adversity and becomes deeply inspired by the volunteer efforts. Luo Ben along with Xiong Fei, Zhou Min Ming and Ding Ding Ding are the new recruits to the team. They survive Captain Qing Shan’s “training from hell” and put their lives on the line in every rescue and disaster relief operation that pits them against earthquakes, fires, floods and typhoons. At the end of the day, they finally grow into an elite rescue unit.
Light Chaser Rescue
2022 | 5 Eps×45 Mins Luo Yunxi Wu Qian Li Mingde
Zhang Tong
The second season shows the culture as the main clue and cuisine as the performance, it records the wisdom of the Hunan people who make delicacies by using limited ingredients and adapting to local conditions.
The Pride of Hunan Cuisine Season 2
2022 | 12 Eps x 30 Mins
Ou Daming
In order to stop Sun Wu Kong for creating the chaos in heaven, the God of Er¡¯Lang,Yang Jian has a serious fight at Nan Tian Gate. Yang Jian¡¯s sidekick Xiao Tian and Sun Wu Kong both fall into human world while battling.In order to save Xiao Tian¡¯s life, a mortal girl sacrisfce her life, Xiao Tian feels extremely guilty and willing to make himself enters into underworld and reborn over and over again until he could meet the girl named Xue Rou. Xiao Tian sacrifice his life again for the girl and finally saves her. Xiao Tian returns to the underworld and responsible for keeping order in the Demon Bureau. With the helping from his partner Di Ting Ting, he revel the truth of loan cases which controlled by the demon¡­¡­
The Magic of The Wizard
2022 | 99 mins Gong Zhengnan Yuan Lingyan Jitao
Zhou Jia Wen
Su Jishi, a female doctor of geology, lost family affection due to the divorce of her parents when she was young, so she attaches great importance to family. When she becomes an adult, she chooses her major in geology. In order to protect the dreams of her relatives, she begins to try to study different majors and experience different lives. In the process, Su Jishi meets Mu Xiulun, a young entrepreneur who also loves geology by chance. Although Mu Xiulun is an orphan, his adoptive parents regard him as their own kid. However, the enterprises managed by Mu Xiulun still stick to stale thinking. The advancement of the project is also difficult to be accepted. But Su Jishi is always helping Mu Xiulun with her mineral expertise. Su Jishi and Mu Xiulun gradually enter each other’s hearts by their relationship. They cuddle with each other and help each other to heal their souls while advancing the research of new minerals and embarkin.
Exploration methods of Love
2023 | 22 Eps x 45 mins Song Yan Fei Gao Han Yu
Qiu Yu
Following the city’s young people where they gathered in the night markets, choose the most unique food in these hidden night markets. The night market here is youthful, with young diners laughing and young bosses working tirelessly. From the markets of Xiamen to Xi ‘an, from the streets of Chengdu to Changsha, the program spans eight cities across the world, presenting the most interesting food stories to the audience, and depicts a food map of China’s night markets.
Taste of Youth Night: Season 2
2019 | approx. 8 Eps x 25 Mins
Because of the death of her best friend, Xu Hong Dou’s life and work fell into a slump. She went to the “windy courtyard” in Yun Miao Village, Dali, to rest alone. There she meets Xie Zhi Yao, a local who quit his high-paying job and returned to his hometown to start a business, and a group of peers from big cities. Xie Zhi Yao began to see Xu Hong Dou’s kindness and seriousness, and invited her to use her years of experience in the hotel industry to help local employees improve their service awareness and help develop Yun Miao Village’s cultural tourism business. At the same time, Xu Hong Dou was moved by Xie Zhi Yao’s ideal of building a hometown so that the villagers could be strong and useful, and the two fell in love with each other and finally came together. As they all worked together they re-examined their pasts, helped and inspired each other, started to heal and gained the strength to start again in this “windy place”.
Meet Yourself
2023 | 40 Eps×45 Mins Li Xian Crystal Liu
Ding Ziguang
The third season focuses on ethnic cuisine, goes deep into ethnic minority communities, searches for local characteristic cuisine, and presents the youth night flavor of an ethnic minority. There will be passionate and unrestrained Mongolian customs, there will be singing and dancing South Korean customs, there will be simple and pure Tujia customs and so on, a variety of ethnic minority cuisine will be presented here one by one.
Taste of Youth Night: Season 3
2021 | approx. 6 Eps x 25 Mins
The story revolves around the lives of the flight crew of Luzhou Airlines and the various situations they have to deal with in their daily careers. Aspiring pilot Cheng Xiao has to learn to get along with her extremely strict instructor Gu Nan Ting while also navigating a male-dominated field where women aren't that highly looked upon. Relying on her skills, strength, and ingenuity, she makes friends and adapts quickly to her surroundings. As they work together in both life-altering situations and various emergencies, Gu Nan Ting begins to not only trust Cheng Xiao but also develop feelings for her as she does for him. Can their high-stress job and ghosts from his past let fate finally guide them towards each other and a successful future?
Flight To You
2022 | 39 Eps×45 Mins Wang Kai Seven Tan
Wang Zhi
Completely different families have been deceived and bought the same house – now they have to get along! The family of a former military man that has his own rules under any circumstances; a modern hipster family whose marriage is falling apart; an aging actress with a young lover; a lady who has been dumped by her “sugar daddy” and a crazy old man living in the attic. They will learn to accept each other, which in the end will make them better.
Mad House
2023 | 24 mins x 21eps Roman Kurtsyn Alyona Yakovleva Denis Kosyakov Anna Kotova Polina Aynutdinova Alexei Maklakov Elena Simonova Vlad Feldman Rodion Tolokonnikov Dmitriy Lysenkoviy
Evgeny Puzyrevsky
Lin Xi who's known as the "witch" in the translation industry reunites with ex-boyfriend Xia Yicheng. Eight years ago, she broke up with him for the sake of fulfilling her mother's wish for her to become a professional interpreter for the United Nations. Eight years later, Lin Xi has become the youngest chief interpreter at Huasheng while her ex Xiao Yicheng has become the chief technology officer of a communications company, which also makes him her potential client. In order to land a contract with Xiao Yicheng, Lin Xi has no choice but to keep dealing with him. She helps his company go public and even though it seems that Xiao Yicheng is out to get revenge on Lin Xi, he actually doesn't have the heart to be mean to her. Work rekindles their passionate relationship and Xiao Yicheng gradually comes to understand that reason she broke up with him. Together, they work hard to realize their dream of "speaking for the country".
Our Interpreter
0 | approx. 36 mins x 45eps Song Qian Chen Xingxu
Zhang Tong
When lil Mango was working on his graduation project "Researching Earthlings", he found that human beings love and hate their jobs and have complicated emotions. In order to find out the reason for this, he learns various vocational skills of human beings, obtains the relevant industry qualification and comes to Earth in a spaceship accompanied by his mentor, Dr Mango. The 26 episodes of the story show 26 different work challenges, with his own intelligence and his "Mango Brainwave", he leanrs from human experience and wisdom, solves the difficulties in the work, and finally completes the tasks, gaining recognition and a sense of accomplishment.
The Internship of lil Mango
2023 | 26Eps * 3 Mins -
During the reign of Qingli, young spies are being trained in order to maintain peace and stability among various ethnic groups in the Northern Song Dynasty. A six-member team is formed that includes the intelligent Yuan Zhong Xin, the beautiful and astute Zhao Jian, Xiao Jing who never kills, Wang Kuan who never lies, Xue Ying who keeps to himself, and Wei Ya Nei who has a cheerful personality.
Young Blood 2
2023 | 16 Eps*70 Mins Huang Zhizhong Mei Ting Wu Jiang
Han Xiaojun
It tells the story of Luo Yifan, the hot-blooded young man who sees ghosts at 5:20 every evening, and Zhao Nuan, a rookie lawyer who believes in the law to bring fairness and justice. After meeting the personable, warm and romantic elite lawyer Wen Weiren, a series of unexpected cases began to occur one after another. Along with the conflict and dialectics between "belief in God" and "law", various bizarre and unsolved cases are waiting to be solved. The huge secret hidden among the three also gradually emerged.
What the Hell is Love
2023 | 45mins x 20eps JC Lin Vera Yan Stone Yang、Rexen Cheng
Chu Yu Ning
Oleg is a careless father of three that shred all his family duties. Everything changes when his wife decides to teach him a lesson and go to Japan for a year. No wife, 3 kids. However, a road to responsible parenting is not as easy as it seems.
2021 | 25 mins x 20eps Alexander Ilyin Jr. Stepan Devonin Polina Fedina Asya Gromova Daria Gushchina Violetta Davydovskaya Vitaly Shcherbina Henrietta Avtushenko Alyona Itskova Andrey Trushin
Grigory Kalinin Zaur Bolotayev
A town in the Far East is run by local criminals and Chinese mafia. No one can stop them... except for a group of senior-year school teachers! The incredible rescue team is led by an English teacher Katerina. A newbie at school, she already gained credibility showing the knowledge of gangster laws. Enough said — those who can cope with students, have nothing to fear!
Teachers In Law
2020 | 25 mins x 44eps Maria Shalaeva Kirill Kaganovich Antonina Komissarova Galina Sazonova Alexei Ilyin Marina Dianova Anna Gularenko Anton Filipenko Levan Mshiladze Arseny Gusev
Konstantin Kolesov Andrei Francis Andrei Ageev
Thirty women come to a show to compete for the heart of a crypto-millionaire. One thing they don’t know - he’s an ordinary guy who pretends to be a rich bachelor. The secret is revealed at the end of the project. Who will stay with Mr. X and choose love over money?
Mister X
2022 | 90mins x 9eps -
Following your crush on social media, but have no idea how to meet up? Two bloggers help a shy participant to fulfill his dream and meet a popular beloved person. The hosts will come up with two unusual date ideas. In the first option, the participant pretends to be someone else: a rich foreigner, a celebrity, etc. The second option includes just being yourself and using charisma. Whatever option is chosen, a participant has to confess to the crush that the date was staged. Will the crush appreciate the efforts and agree to a second date?
2022 | 30mins x 4eps -
Celebrity intuition versus children’s talents! A game show in which a team of celebrities will play against a team of children and try to guess what unique talents each child possesses. Celebrities receive money for each correct answer, and for each incorrect answer - the cash prize goes to the wunderkinds. The celebrities transfer their cash prizes to the charity foundation for helping children and youths.
2021 | 60mins x 33eps -
Lera,a tourist police officer, dreams of investigating serious cases and dangerous crimes. It happens rarely in her department, same as a good mood of her manager and quick wit of her colleagues. Will can she remain in the service and protect the piece of city guests after getting in with a thief and swindler?
Tourist Police
2019 | 30 mins x 24eps Anastasia Ivleeva Mikhail Bashkatov Sergey Pioro Denis Buzin Alexander Lyapin Pavel Komarov Svetlana Listova Anastasia Nemec Evgeny Kushpel Sergey Golyudov
Konstantin Kolesov
A young bright couple has a thirst for adventures. Every day they create the most extraordinary surprises to each other, but the difference is the price. One gets an unlimited amount of money, while another one has a modest budget. With a help of special device we check the level of happiness after each date. These fascinating dates are not just the challenges for them, but mostly the way to understand how to get the time of your life and burst with joy without considering the amount of money.
Happily Ever After
2019 | 38mins x 14eps -
High school student Su Yu and his father lived a frugal but warm life. One day, his mother who had been divorced for many years remarried to the rich. The other son's son Wu Bi was also the same age as himself. One is a proud and cold school hegemony, and the other is a rough and unreasonable scum. After the accident, they finally heat up after an accident.
Stay with Me
2023 | 24 Eps x 35 mins Xu Bing Zhang Jiongmin
Qiu Yu
Two friendly but mischievous brothers Chuck and Huck live with their loving mother and miss their father, who works far in the north. Deciding to meet the upcoming New Year together at all costs, they set off on an exciting journey to the mysterious Blue Mountains. Now the greatest adventure of their lives awaits them, because on New Year's holidays any, even the most incredible miracles are possible.
The Adventures of Chuck and Huck
2022 | 96mins x 1ep Yulia Snigir Yuriy Stepanov Timofey Tribuntsev Vladimir Vdovichenkov
Aleksandr Kott
After graduation, Li Mujia enters the most famous law firm in Beijing, relying on her own hard work to become a lawyer as an administrative assistant. Meanwhile, She meets a young elite Liguang, and their relationship grows with ups and downs while going through several twists and turns. On the contrary, her best friend, Tian Rong, unsuccessfully found a job after graduation, mistakenly becomes a real estate agent, and hastily marries a local Beijing boy, Li Wanbing, who suffers a great deal in her career and relationship after the marriage; the two of them suffer all kinds of frustration, but they find the heart's desire. From 2007 to 2019, the girls' pursuit of life and hopes changed in reality, but fortunately, the ten years of trials and tribulations have eventually led them to the sunny side of life, and they are able to make it all the way to the sunrise.
All the Way to the Sun
2023 | 36 Eps×45 Mins Li Landi Wang Yang Wang Ju
Cao Kai
It tells the love story of a woman who overcomes many trials to become a female official and a general who has weathered many hardships in his road to victory. Despite being an illegitimate daughter, Mu Zhuo Hua breaks away from from the path of traditional women during her time as she escapes from her own wedding and enters the capital to seek a position as a female official. In her journey, she meets Liu Yan, a man known as the god of war. He may have been defeated in battlefield but he does not waver in his resolve as he endures hardships to avenge his grievances. The two may have started out trying to use each other for their own purposes but they eventually join hands in their mission to better the nation, creating a world where women can also enter the court as officials.
The Legend of Zhuohua
2023 | 40 Eps*45 Mins Jing Tian Feng Shaofeng Wang Likun
Wen Deguang
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